Stars Over the Mosquito Range – San Isabel National Forest


Proposed Wilderness Expansion in Colorado

At the end of June I met up with Lighthawk volunteer pilot Jim Grady for a morning of still photographs over Colorado’s Western Slope. Our flight goals were to create still images of… Continue reading

Cross Creek Summer

Grateful for the chance at some wilderness relief in Colorado’s Holy Cross Wilderness Area this week. Waded through an ocean of thimbleberries not quite ready to fruit under a canopy of old growth… Continue reading

Summer Photo Workshops

I’m excited to announce that this summer I’ve partnered with Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon, Colorado to offer a series of nature photography workshops as well as host an Adult Science Seminar… Continue reading

Wilderness Expansion

  This week I visited a proposed wilderness area that is included in US Senator Mark Udall’s Central Mountains Outdoor Heritage Proposal. Udall is considering the introduction of this proposal to Congress after… Continue reading

Eagle River Ouzel

In an unpublished journal entry from 1873, John Muir wrote about a little grey bird he called an ouzel.  He was refering to Cinclus mexicanus commonly know as the American Dipper or Water… Continue reading

Kent Callister – Burton US Open Vail

Kent Callister at the 2014 Burton US Open in Vail.

Scotty Lago – Burton US Open 2014

Scotty Lago going big at the 2014 Burton US Open Half Pipe Semi-Finals March 6 in Vail, Colorado.

Chanelle Sladics & The Lodgepole Project

I’m currently working on an environmental photography project called The Lodgepole Project. The Lodgepole Project is a climate change connect-the-dots awareness project. It tells a visual story of the unprecedented Mountain Pine Beetle… Continue reading

December – Mountain Thoughts

“Gain health from lusty, heroic exercise, from free, firm-nerved adventures without anxiety in them, with rhythmic leg motion in runs over boulders requiring quick decision for every step. Fording streams, tingling with flesh… Continue reading