Westward Expansion (not the bad kind)

A good block of time has passed since my first and only post.  Here’s hoping another four months won’t elapse before the third entry.  So I’ve been living in an epoch filled with great change since Halloween 2010 and that first blog entry: most notably my landscape has changed from the Green Mountains to the Rocky ones.

Sunshine in the Green Mountains

The journey from Colorado to the Northeast and then back to Colorado has been filled with tremendous experiences.  And although I’d like future entries to focus more on current events rather than historical, I felt compelled to reflect on the experience as a way to break the ice formed over my hiatus.

Bolton Valley Access Road

I’d been living in Colorado since 2003 and after several high and low season cycles considered myself a local.  It snuck up on me one day and I got lost in the idea that I had intimate knowledge of a location just from experiencing life through stick seasons, winter seasons, mud seasons and summer seasons in a ski town in the Colorado Rockies.

Mount of the Holy Cross

And the best part is that it came in the form of frisbee golf, Olathe sweet corn, waist deep powder turns, back-country camping trips, 212 weeks, alpine wildflowers and spring runoffs.  Intimate details that mean I know what it feels like to be the only person on Bridge Street, what Buffer Creek wild raspberries taste like and what fresh turns on a bluebird spring day feel like after the mountain closes.

Bluebird Day – Vail Mountain

My entire childhood into adult life took place in one small town in Massachusetts so the intimacy of place I have of my hometown and New England goes pretty deep.  1986 Red Sox deep.  When we moved back to New England in the fall of 2009 I thought there wasn’t anything new for me to learn.  Man was I wrong.

Surfing Town Beach – Rhode Island

Now reflecting on our time spent back East, I realize that without even trying I gained an intimacy with a seaside community on the Northern Atlantic Ocean and the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont.  Like re-reading a book ten years after the last reading, the place I still refer to as home offered up brand new experiences with an undercurrent of familiarity.

Sunset on Brant Rock – Massachusetts

And equally as important, I was reminded that my love for wilderness and outdoor adventure germinated in the Eastern forests and beaches of New England.

Vermont Dairy Cows

Intimacy from just moments throughout daily life which often seem insignificant.  Yet collectively those perceived insignificant moments add up to really knowing a place in all its forms leaving a permanent impression on you – at least, they have for me with the help of some photos to remind me.

Dune Fence – Duxbury, Massachusetts

I’m a big fan of Chase Jarvis.  If you’re involved in any form of creativity, professionally or just because it’s awesome, you need to check him out.  He’s a wellspring of continuous inspiration for me as I “go confidently in the direction of my dreams” in professional photography.  He turned me on to the concept of the best camera is the one you have with you, so with that in mind, the images in this entry are all phone photos from my ramblings in the Northeast.

Stowe, Vermont

Check out more of the images taken in the Northeast on my Flickr photostream.  You stay classy, planet earth.